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Eiffel Tower Summit : Skip the Line Tickets & Optional River Cruise

Skip the Line Guided Tour Expert Guide Mobile Tickets

2.5 Hour guided tour of an iconic Parisian landmark

  • Go breathless and awestruck at the summit of the Eiffel Tower with these highly popular Summit tickets
  • Stay close to your expert English-speaking tour guide for facts and anecdotes about this attraction
  • Ascend to the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower and walk across the transparent floor
  • Watch the Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame, the Pantheon, and the Louvre Museum from atop the Eiffel summit
  • Upgrade your experience with a Seine River Cruise at a nominal price and take in the beauty of Paris from the waters, anytime within 6 months from your purchase
  • As per the Eiffel Tower rules, skip the line access is limited to the second-floor elevator. For safety reasons, elevator queues are in place to the summit to regulate crowds at the top
  • Children aged 3 and below do not require a ticket.
  • These tickets cannot be canceled, rescheduled or refunded.
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Why Visit The Eiffel Tower

To date, over 250 million people have visited the Eiffel Tower and it receives an average of 7 million visitors every year. The Tower consists of three levels open to the public, with each having its own charm. Standing tall and proud, the Eiffel Tower continues to wow millions and is often the site for many a romantic proposal.

While many travel purists, bloggers, and others do not recommend visiting the Eiffel Tower for being too “Mainstream”, the historical and cultural importance of the monument are reason enough for you to think otherwise. The Tower has gone on to become a symbol of love. The open-air observation decks, panoramic views of Paris, and other countless reasons make this a worthwhile visit. “Touristy” or not, the Eiffel Tower is a must-do the next time you’re in Paris.

How To Skip The Line At The Eiffel Tower

1. Book Eiffel Tower Tickets In Advance

Eiffel Tower tickets sell out months in advance, so it if you plan on going all the way upto the summit, make sure you purchase your tickets online, in advance. This way, you spend queue time only for security, after which you can glide through easily; all the way atop.

2. Take The Eiffel Tower Steps

The Eiffel Tower step tickets are cheaper and more easily available, though they are a steep task. However, if you’re up for trodding up the Eiffel Tower, why not? There are 330 steps to the first level and 339 steps to the second level. This way you can experience the charm of Eiffel Tower with every step. You can choose to book even these tickets in advance to avoid the ticket line. Moreover, if you’re tired after reaching the first level, you can even take the elevator to the second level, and then walk down to the first level.

3. Have A Meal At The Eiffel Tower

There are two dining outlets in the Eiffel Tower - 58 Tour Eiffel on the first level, and Le Jules Verne on the second floor (only dinner). If you choose to have a meal at either of these restaurants, you can enter the tower through a separate entrance, away from the crowd.

4. Eiffel Tower At Night

While the waiting lines for the Eiffel Tower during the day are painstakingly long , the queues are lesser by night. With tourists and families thronging the lines, it’s easier and better sedate to see the tower at night. The Eiffel Tower closes late in the night, so you can go all the way to the summit and experience the City of Lights in its true glory.


1. Are skip-the-line tickets available for Eiffel Tower?

Yes. Skip-the-line tickets for Eiffel Tower are available. Purchasing these tickets online is highly recommended to avoid waiting for 30 minutes to 1 hour in line.

2. What are the type of tickets available for visiting the Eiffel Tower?

There are four basic tickets available: one grants access to the 2nd floor via lift, the second takes you to the summit via lift, the third takes you to the 2nd floor via the stairs and the fourth takes you to the summit via stairs to the 2nd floor and then a lift to the top.

3. Can I skip the line with guided tours at Eiffel Tower?

Yes, you can get skip-the-line tickets for guided tours at the Eiffel Tower. With these tickets, you get hassle-free entry and can go either to the 2nd floor, or right to the summit.

4. Does a ticket to the top of the Eiffel Tower allow you to visit the 1st and 2nd floors?

Yes. By purchasing a ticket to the top of the Eiffel Tower, you can access all other floors as well.

5. I bought a ticket to the 2nd floor and now want to visit the top of the Eiffel Tower, is that possible?

No. Your destination is determined by the ticket you decide to purchase. You will not be able to go to the top of the tower if you have purchased a ticket to the 2nd level.

6. Should I take the stairs or the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower?

While the stairs are cheaper, climbing 674 steps to the 2nd level is not an easy task. Depending on your ticket, you can take an elevator to the top. You can climb up the stairs to the 1st and 2nd levels of the Eiffel Tower, or take an elevator directly to the 2nd floor, look around, and then head by elevator to the summit.

7. What are Eiffel Tower timings?

Admission to the tower, elevator and stairs generally begins from 09:00 AM all year round. From January to June and September to December, the tower is open till 11:00 PM, while from June to September, it is open till midnight.

8. Is the Eiffel Tower wheelchair-accessible?

Yes. Wheelchair access is available for visitors up to the 1st and 2nd floors. It is not recommended that visitors with disabilities visit the summit.

9. How long does it take to visit the Eiffel Tower?

If you go up to the 2nd level, the visit could take about 1.5 hours, while if you go up to the summit, you could spend about 2.5 hours. Moreover, depending on whether you opt to take the stairs or the elevator, timings may vary.