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Picturesque and soothing, the Gardens situated around the Eiffel Tower are a haven of greenery amidst the busy crowded thoroughfares. Redesigned to create a tranquil ambiance and sufficient green cover, these gardens have many interesting aspects that can be enjoyed by visitors for free at any time.

Why Visit The Eiffel Tower Gardens?

Eiffel Tower Gardens

Who Designed The Eiffel Garden?

The original gardens were designed by Jules Vacherot for the annually held World Fair. It was meant to be a scenic entrance into the fair. The gardens had 2 promenades, 2 ponds, a grotto with waterfalls, and a belvedere.

In 2016, when they were redesigned, VOGT Landscape Architects and Dietmar Feichtinger Architects restored this space. They have emphasized the integral aspects of the Gardens while adding contemporary touches to make them seem continuous and relevant today. Nature’s tapestry of greenery has been revived and new features have been woven into its fabric to make it serene and relevant.

Brief History of the Eiffel Tower Gardens

The Gardens came before the Tower. Over time, they were eclipsed by the magnificent Tower that was built in it. It was reduced to a thoroughfare while millions passed through them while looking up at the spectacular Iron Lady. In 2016, when security concerns were raised, the city management realized that the gardens around the Eiffel Tower needed to be redesigned. 

The city management decided to rejuvenate the gardens and decrease vehicular traffic around the Eiffel Tower. The present gardens are designed to draw visitors’ attention to all aspects – natural and man-made while creating a haven of tranquility.

What to See at the Eiffel Tower Gardens?

Eiffel Tower Gardens

The Belvedere

The Belvedere has numerous flowering plants and shrubs. It is along Allee Jean Paulhan on the East Gardens near the pond. It is also along the East Entrance and the North Exit of the Tower. This was part of the original design of the Garden and was a fixture in most urban gardens of that era. They offer a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower. This is also one of the best spots to take photos of the Eiffel Tower. 

Eiffel Tower Gardens

The Cave

Grotto, as it is known in French, is a man-made cave in the West Gardens. Like Belvederes, Grottos were also fixtures of a ‘Belle Epoch’ garden of the late 19th century. What is more mesmerizing about these caves is that they have a waterfall that adds some mystique to them. A variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers color the background and bring a splash of color year-round. This is an idyllic spot that is as soothing as it's beautiful. 

Eiffel Tower Gardens

200-Year-Old Sycamore Tree

Next to the Grotto is a large sycamore tree that is one of the oldest existing trees in the country. Planted in 1814, this sycamore tree has existed for more than 200 years now! Over 65 feet tall, this is a huge tree that will grab your attention even as you relax under its tranquil shade. You can’t miss it as it is near the West Exit of the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower Gardens


Near the West Exit, there is a brick pillar like a turret of a castle. This lends an illusion that in the middle of the trees and plants is a hidden castle. But this intricate structure was a very practical part of the Eiffel Tower when it was first built. It was the chimney that was an outlet for the steam generated by the machinery that powered the lifts of the Tower in its early days. 

Eiffel Tower Gardens

Iron Lady’s Ponds

The ponds are situated near Allee Jean Paulhan in the East Gardens and along Allee des Refuzniks in the West Gardens. The Iron Lady’s ponds are the most tranquil. The many trees and plants have attracted a lot of birds that can be found near the ponds. Besides, the ponds are also full of fish of different varieties. They make the gardens far more alive and picturesque – a spot where you can smell the flowers and revel in nature!

Eiffel Tower Gardens

Essential Information to Visit the Eiffel Tower Gardens

Opening Hours
Getting There
Eiffel Tower Gardens

Eiffel Tower Gardens
Eiffel Tower Gardens

Visitor Tips

  • Entrance to the Gardens is free throughout the day, but you need to pass through security checks on Allee Leon Bourgeois (West Gardens) and Allee Peter Deschanel (East Gardens).
  • Avoid plucking flowers from the garden.
  • Use the strategically placed trash cans around the garden to maintain its cleanliness.
  • The gardens are huge so have a light snack and a bottle of water to sustain yourself. You can also book a table at one of the amazing restaurants in and around the Eiffel Tower.
  • Though there are no restrooms in the gardens, you can use those in the Tower that are easily accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Eiffel Tower Gardens

Q. What is the Eiffel Tower Garden?

A. This is a small slice of greenery that surrounds the Eiffel Tower. It is a beautiful botanical wonder that houses many different species of flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees that offer green cover around the busy Tower area.

Q. Where is the Eiffel Tower Garden?

A. The Eiffel Tower Garden is a few minutes walk from the Tower. You will pass through the gardens to enter the East entrance of the Tower

Q. Can I visit the Eiffel Tower Garden?

A. Yes. Entrance to the gardens is free for all.

Q. What are the opening hours of the Eiffel Tower Garden?

A. The gardens are open all day long and can be visited any time.

Q. When was the Eiffel Tower Garden built?

A. The Gardens were originally built in 1878 but over time they were ignored. They were renovated to their present glory in 2019.

Q. Is the Eiffel Tower Garden part of the Eiffel Tower?

A. The Eiffel Tower was built in the Gardens, so they are a part of the Eiffel Tower.

Q. What can I see at the Eiffel Tower Garden?

A. The Gardens are picturesque with 2 ponds, a grotto, a belvedere, and lots of greenery besides a 200-year-old sycamore tree. 

Q. Who designed the Eiffel Tower Garden?

A. It was originally designed by Jules Vacherot and later, the landscaping was redeveloped by VOGT Landscape Architects and Dietmar Feichtinger Architects.

Q. Can I visit the Eiffel Tower Garden with my Eiffel Tower tickets?

A. Yes, you can visit the Gardens with your Eiffel Tower tickets