Eiffel Tower tickets

Climbing The Eiffel Tower - Make Your Way To The Top of Paris

Accessing The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower can be accessed by elevators and stairs. Once you've entered the Eiffel Tower Esplanade, you will find the ticket offices, elevators and stairs in the Eiffel's 4 dominating pillars. The East & West pillars of the Eiffel have elevators that go up to the 2nd level while the South Pillar has stairs all the way to the 2nd level.

Eiffel Tower Entrances


Esplanade Entrance

To reach the Eiffel Tower esplanade, there are two entrances in the gardens that surrounds the base of the tower - the South and the East entrance. Here, you will pass through the first round of security checks before heading on to the tower and also have the chance to spend some time in the recently landscaped gardens.

Tips: Head to the East entrance as it is often less crowded.


Taking The Elevator

Elevators that go up the tower are situated in the East and West Pillars of the Eiffel Tower. If you have your tickets, then join the queues with a green flag for direct access to the leg’s entrance. Visitors without tickets need to join the queue for the ticket office (marked by a yellow flag). Both the East and West Pillars have ticket offices. Once you’ve bought your tickets, you can join the queue with the green flag.

Note: Please know that it is advisable that you purchase your tickets online, well in advance as the ticket queue can easily last more than an hour.


Taking The Stairs

If you have bought stair tickets to the Eiffel or wish to access the Tower via the stairs, then head to the South Pillar. Here, you will be able to purchase tickets for stairs to the 2nd level as well as elevator tickets to the summit from the 2nd level.


Ticket Offices

Ticket Offices can be found at the East, West, and South Pillars. The West Pillar (Pilier Ouest) has an Information Desk.

Eiffel Tower Entrances FAQ

1. Where are Eiffel Tower entrances located?
Eiffel Tower entrances are located at the bottom of East, West and South Pillars.

2. How many Eiffel Tower entrances are there?
There are three primary entrances into the Eiffel Tower. The East and West Pillars host entrances to take the elevator up to the second floor; the South Pillar allows you to take the stairs up to second floor.

3. Which Eiffel Tower entrance do I take to get to the second floor?
You can take either the stairs of the elevator to go up the Eiffel Tower. If you would like to take the stairs to the second floor, head to the South Pillar; you can go to either the East or West Pillars if your ticket offers elevator access to the second floor.

4. Which Eiffel Tower Entrance do I take to go to the Summit?
The only way to get to the Eiffel Tower Summit is via the elevator on the second floor. You can take either the stairs from the South Pillar or take the elevator from the East or West Pillars.

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