Eiffel Tower Tour

Eiffel Tower Tours

Immortalized in literature, photography, movies and music, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic monuments in the world. This legendary landmark stands 324 meters (1,063 ft) high and is the tallest building in Paris, the City of Love.  Originally built as the entrance to the 1889 World Fair, it is now one of the most-visited paid attractions in the world; it had a whopping 6.07 million visitors in 2018.

People from around the world visit to learn about the Eiffel Tower’s history, admire the architecture, marvel at the view of Paris and dine at its famed restaurants on the premises. To make the best of your trip to the renowned landmark, a guided Eiffel Tower tour is the best choice as it allows you to thoroughly explore the attraction.

Why take an Eiffel Tower Tour?

Eiffel Tower guided tours offer visitors a unique way of exploring the historic structure. 

Due to its popularity, entry lines are almost always long and time-consuming -- a hurdle that an Eiffel Tower Tour tour helps you tackle with skip-the-line tickets that grant priority access to the entrances. 

A guided Eiffel Towel tour is affordable and gives you hassle-free access to different parts of the tower -- first floor, second floor, and/or the summit. Your professional tour guide can speak fluent English and is often multi-lingual. They will enlighten you with intriguing facts about the Eiffel Tower’s history, construction and design, giving you a complete Parisian experience. To put it simply, a guided Eiffel Tower tour lets you completely enjoy the attraction without any inconveniences.

Choosing the best Eiffel Tower Tours

Eiffel Tower Tour: What to Expect?

Since most guided tours offer skip-the-line access, your typical Eiffel Tower tour starts at the entrance of the attraction. Here, you will meet your expert, multi-lingual tour guide, who will escort you past the long queues to the elevators. 

Depending on the chosen ticket, your Eiffel Tower tour will begin from the ground Esplanade and then move to the second floor. Your guide will accompany you all the way up while introducing you to interesting facts about the tower’s history, construction and other details. Once you reach the second floor, witness Paris’ glory and enjoy the spell-binding views, dine at the famed Jules Verne restaurant or shop for souvenirs.

If your ticket offers access to the summit, your tour guide will escort you up the elevator on the second floor. Explore Gustave Eiffel’s office, have a glass of bubbly at the champagne bar and of course, prepare to be awestruck by the jaw-dropping panoramic view of the City of Love.

Eiffel Tower Tour FAQs

Q. Can I skip the lines with an Eiffel Tower tour?
A. Yes. Most Eiffel Tower Tour tickets offer skip-the-line access to the second floor and/or the summit.

Q. Is there dedicated elevator access for guided Eiffel Tower tours?
A. No. There is no elevator dedicated to guided tours. However, your Eiffel Tower tour comes with skip-the-line access, allowing you to bypass the long lines at entrances.

Q. Can I access the summit with a guided Eiffel Tower tour?
A. Yes.  You can opt for Tour Eiffel tickets that take specifically take you to the Summit. You can also opt for Eiffel Tower tours that provide optional summit access for an additional charge.

Q. What language options are available for a guided tour?
A. Eiffel Tower tours usually offer English speaking guides; your guide may also be fluent in other widely-spoken languages like French, Spanish, Mandarin, etc. Some Eiffel Tower tours alternatively provide a handy, multi-lingual audioguide that you can carry around while you explore the monument.

Q. What is the difference between an Eiffel Tower tour and host experience?
A. On a guided tour, your guide will accompany you throughout your trip while you learn about the tower and its history; if you opt for a host experience, they will lead you past the lines and to the second floor and leave you to explore as you wish.

Q. Are Eiffel Tower tours cancellable?
A. It depends on the ticket you opt for. While some offer full cancelation up to 72 hours in advance, others cannot be canceled, rescheduled or refunded. Ensure that you check the conditions beforehand.